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Bill Hanson

Past President, Western Stock Growers’ Association

I am a 3rd generation rancher born and raised in East Central Alberta. In 1998 I moved to the Valleyview area where I ranch with my wife and son. We run a primarily cow-calf operation. Using holistic practices helps us to achieve a regenerative ranch, with the goal of improving our soils and leaving the land in better condition for future generations. Attending “Ranching For Profit” and “Holistic Range Management” courses has given us the tools needed to work towards our goals. Our ranch has hosted numerous ranch tours, where our peers, government personal, agricultural specialists and community members have critiqued our management practices. We are proud of our accomplishments and the management practices we have instituted. We continue to change and improve as we keep on learning and working with nature. What we are doing has worked well for our operation and we hope that other people can use some of our ideas to benefit themselves. I am a believer in education; everyday offers a learning situation – we are never done learning!

Over the years I have been an active member in several forage and beef industry associations.  I have been a director with Western Stock Growers Association since 2002, serving as president in 2009-2010. I currently sit on the board as a director and governor. Mentors have always played an important role in my life. I have been blessed with several mentors that have helped to guide and shape my management and life values. I pass this along, mentoring when and where I can.

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