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It's Our Nature to Know Webinar Series: Episode 3-Mites of Alberta


DATE:September 10, 2021
TIME:12:00 - 13:00 MDT

A discussion of ABMI's mite research.

In the third episode of our webinar series, expert taxonomist Lisa Lumley (ABMI, RAM) discuss the ABMI's mite research, and why collecting data on mites in the province is important to Albertans and helps to support sustainable land-use decision making.

Join the next episodes of the series to learn about mosses, aquatic invertebrates, and BEYOND!

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The ABMI is pleased to present the “It’s Our Nature to Know” webinar series. From taxonomic discoveries and geospatial research to tools and platforms that bring the data to lifejoin us monthly to learn more about the many facets of the ABMI. Each month a different ABMI staff member (from across our delivery partners at the Universtiy of Alberta, the Royal Alberta Museum, and Innotech Alberta) will explain how and why we monitor the different aspects of Alberta landscape and biodiversity (across multiple species groups) that we do, and how the data we collect helps to inform land-use decision-making. 

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