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The wonderful world of environmental sensors on WildTrax


DATE:April 27, 2022
TIME:13:00 (MST) - 14:00 pm

Get an overview of how to use WildTrax, the latest updates, and some development sneak peaks.

Want to use WildTrax but don't know where to start? Or are you already a WildTrax user, and want to learn more about its different features? Join us on April 27 for an overview of the WildTrax platform, soon fully available for use in English or French!

The next WildTrax release includes tools for acoustic species verification. Users will be able to focus on individual species and types of calls (e.g., a Wilson's Snipe call or winnow) in their audio files and even use probabilities from BirdNet to help with verification!

For users interested in the public Data Discover portal, come learn about the suite of data available for your perusal or download.


With the advent of new digital-based sensor technologies to collect environmental data, there's been a growing need for a platform where that data can be efficiently and effectively handled. This is where WildTrax comes in. WildTrax is currently set up to handle data from remote cameras, autonomous recording units and avian point counts. Whether you're looking to tag your remote camera images, or transcribe your audio files, WildTrax has tools for you.

This webinar was not recorded, but there are many other videos on WildTrax to explore on our YouTube channel! 

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