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Capture Fall with "Hands on Alberta"


ABMI is pleased to announce the launch of our "Hands on Alberta" missions through the NatureLynx app.

On October 27th and 28th, join “Hands on Alberta” for the first in a series of Alberta-wide citizen science missions to track one of the more notable events happening across our province this time of year, the colour-changes
of wild hares.

To participate, download the NatureLynx app and go to the “Hands on Alberta” Group to join the “Hare Hunt” mission. Upload and tag your hare sightings to the mission on October 27th and 28th to help monitor Alberta’s hare species!

NatureLynx is an Alberta-wide citizen science application designed to support the collection of biodiversity data across the province. “Hands on Alberta” is a series of province-wide citizen science missions, allowing nature-curious folks across Alberta to connect over a common goal. Together, the observations you collect will help monitor our province’s amazing biodiversity.

Hands on Alberta "Hare Hunt" - Join the Mission!

Use NatureLynx to take part in your very own “Hare Hunt” and upload sightings of hares within your community—have their coats changed colour yet?

For hares, the ability to change colour is more than just a fashion choice. It’s an important adaptation to protect themselves from predators. Hares rely on their natural ability to blend into their environments, and they sync their colour with the changing seasons. But, a changing climate can sometimes result in them wearing the wrong coat!

Check out our information sheetNatureLynx and the "Hands on Alberta" Hare Hunt Mission page for more information.

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