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Finding ABMI publications has never been easier with our new publications page.

With our newly re-designed and re-programmed publications page on, users can quickly zero-in on the results they are looking for. Sort through over 350 of ABMI’s publications or use our custom search and re-formatted filtering system to find Biodiversity Monitoring Reports (29), Standards and Protocols (95), Peer-reviewed Publications (67) or documents relating to climate change (52), human footprint (56) or aquatic ecosystems (33) (and many more!) 

Besides using our new customized search, users can search by Subject Area (such as Land Use Planning (10)), Document Type (such as Biodiversity Research and Science Development (50) ) or by Start/End Date. Sort results alphabetically, by relevance or date. Users can also search using tags: after selecting a document, users can click on one of its tags to quickly see other documents with the same tag.

Some of the other new exciting features include featured publications, a publications preview (allowing users to read the publication before downloading), search by author, finding related documents, quick links, and links to our digital publications such as our Bloge-news and Science Letters.

We hope you will enjoy the new features and read the wealth of information to be found in the ABMI publications archive.

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